Investor Relations
Investor Relations

Our management stance

1. Planning and development of new products that meet the needs of the times
Among Japanese software companies that are often dispatched to Japan, we continue to grow through in-house developed software. Therefore, technological capabilities are important for our business. Our philosophy is "all employees are first-class engineers", and all of them are improving their technical capabilities.

2. Growth while continuing R & D investment from a long-term perspective
Our management policy is "20 miles march". Our goal is to continue double-digit growth for a long time without pursuing short-term profits. As the performance highlights, There were times when business performance stagnated several times, but the following year it will recover and grow steadily.

3. The value of a company's existence is "to provide value to society and pay taxes properly."
Corporate value is not about survival, but about providing value to society. This philosophy is shared by all employees and is our driving force.

Companies that are highly evaluated from outside the company.

Companies that are highly evaluated from outside the company.
In order to develop excellent products and services, we believe that a comfortable working environment is necessary, and that is our management policy. Based on this management policy, we have created a comfortable working environment for many years. As a result, it received high praise from the outside.

One example is remote work. Since before COVID19, we have introduced a remote work system and have been selected as one of the "100 Telework Pioneers" by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in 2017. we were also selected by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for "Platinum Kurumin," which has only 415* companies in Japan.

*As of March 2021

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