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Updated 2021/7/28

【Business domain】

Software industry of Japan is mainly based on resident / dispatch and contract development, and companies that compete in package software are less than 10%. Within that, we are consistently developing our business with a focus on our own products.

Note: Among companies engaged in the IT service industry, companies with capital or investment amounts of at least 30 million yen
(Source): Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Information communication industry basic survey statistics table in 2019
Chapter 5 information service industry"

【Sales composition by business】

In terms of sales, the ERP / AI business is large, but the Object Browser business and the E-Commerce business have high profit margins, and the three businesses generate profit in a well-balanced manner. Recently, TOPSIC programming test service is growing as a new business.

【Object Browser business】
We plan and develop tools that help improve software development productivity. Major products are the database development support tools “SI Object Browser series”, integrated project management tool “OBPM Neo” and system development CAD “SI Object Browser Designer”. As we sell product mainly, it can be a highly profitable business.

【E-Commerce business】
We provide software cloud services that support retail business, such as e-commerce and omni-channel (EC and store integration).
The main product is the EC site construction package "SI Web Shopping".

【ERP・AI business】
We sell the complete Web-ERP package "GRANDIT", introduce, customize, maintain, and sell AI service "AISI∀Anomaly Detection", an anomaly detection service of deep learning. We are selling, introducing, customizing and maintaining the complete Web-ERP package "GRANDIT". "GRANDIT" has been developed in a consortium structure that aims to expand sales with multiple companies. Our company was engaged in from initial planning stage in a central position. We have our own add-on templates such as “Production management module” "Construction management module",and “Continuous transaction module,” and build up a mission-critical system of various clients. We also provide AI service "AISI∀Anomaly Detection", an anomaly detection service of deep learning. We are promoting the utilization of AI in the factory production line by utilizing the kowledge of the manufacturing industry cultivated in “GRANDIT”.

【New business】

【Programming test service "TOPSIC"】
We have launched an online test service named TOPSIC that can evaluate programming skills like TOEIC®, which determines English proficiency.
Users are steadily increasing due to the worldwide programming boom. With the start of elementary school programming education in 2020 of Japan, this service is expected to grow in the future.

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