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Updated 2021/4/15

In the fiscal year ended February 2021, sales and profits were deteriorated by COVID19 and unprofitable project. However, in the fiscal year ending February 2022, it will not be affected by those and is expected to recover significantly.

Performance trends since the company was founded

Performance and outlook

【Unit: Million yen】
 Sales  3,767  4,066  4,554  4,258  4,850
 Operating income 494 544 661 416 630
 Ordinary income 496 557 664 423 636
 Net income 345 578 458 293 445

Sales and ordinary income trends

【Unit: Million yen】

Net assets / Equity ratio

 Financial period  FY2017/2  FY2018/2  FY2019/2  FY2020/2  FY2021/2
 Net asset (mil. yen)  1,251  1,570  2,031  2,264  2,431
 Equity ratio(%)  39.0  49.2  73.4  68.9  69.5

Net income per share, Net assets per share

【Unit: JPY】

The stock split was carried out at a ratio of 2 shares per share on December 1, 2018, but the calculation is made assuming that the stock split was conducted at the beginning of the fiscal year ended February 28, 2017.

 Financial period  FY2017/2  FY2018/2  FY2019/2  FY2020/2  FY2021/2
 Net income per share  12.40  31.22  52.26  41.62  26.62
 Net assets per share  112.96  141.72  183.39  205.70  220.88

Return on equity (ROE) / Return on assets (ROA)


 Financial period  FY2017/2  FY2018/2  FY2019/2  FY2020/2  FY2021/2
 Return on equity (ROE)  11.1%  24.5%  32.2%  21.3%  12.5%
 Return on assets (ROA)  7.2%  15.5%  18.7%  22.0%  12.5%

Segment performance

We have revised reportable segments from the fiscal year ending in February 2020 as a result of organizational changes, and has been classified into three divisions: "Object browser business," "E-commerce business," and "ERP / AI business." Net sales and operating income for the 23rd term and the previous term have not been reclassified due to changes above.

E-Commerce business

Object Browser business

ERP business

AI business

Other (including new businesses)