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Updated 2020/01/07

Message from CEO

We will continue to “20 MILE MARCH”.

The book Visionary Company 4, which researches highly successful companies in the US, has a keyword of 20 Mile March.

This is an episode of two men who have taken the approximately 4,800km walk from California to Maine. One was to maintain a pace of 20 miles a day under any circumstances, and the other was to earn more than 40 miles at a time when good.

Which arrived goal first? As you can imagine, people who maintained the pace of 20 miles a day could arrive much earlier. Just like the marathon, keeping pace is faster as a result.

The same is true of successful companies. The company can achieve much greater growth in five or ten years, compared to the company that makes brilliant performance in nice market and unfavorably growing when market conditions deteriorate.

We are also highly aware of this 20 Mile March. When we are in good market, rather than go as possible as we can, we invest in human resource development, R&D and business efficiency improvement to prepare for market deterioration.

However, speed of the pace is important. 20 miles is a fairly long distance for a day's journey. If we have an ability for 12 miles a day now, we will grow up to get power of 20 miles a day steadily. The growing like that way will take us to reach quite far in 10 years later.

We introduced our policy of growth. We look forward to your continuous long-term support.