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Updated 2020/05/18

Outline of the medium-term business plan "Break 2018"

Our mission is to "continue creating software that gives people time" under the policy of making people happy by the power of software. After 10 years, we aim for our software to be widely used not only in Japan but in countries of the world. For next three years, we have formulated a new medium-term management plan, Break 2018. We have a thought of “Shu-Ha-Ri(Protect-Break-Leave)” and we strongly focus on “Break” for to accomplish the plan. At Break 2018, we will work on the following five priority measures.

Note: Shu-Ha-Ri(守破離) is a Japanese martial art concept which describes the stages of learning to mastery. It is sometimes applied to other disciplines, such as company management. Each character implies stages in improvement of practical arts.
Shu(守)=Follow the rules Ha(破)=Break the rules Ri(離)=Transcendent with own rules

[Framework of Medium-term business plan]

(1) Expand share of existing business
E-Commerce business: Expansion through EC eco-system strategy
ERP · AI business: Strengthen add-on module products and RPA utilization
Object Browser business: Stable profit from existing products + Enhancement of new products sales and Development in other industries

(2) Establish overseas bases
· Recruitment and development of overseas human resources
・ Develop partnerships with local companies in Vietnam
・ Established offshore development base in Vietnam
・ Challenge to overseas business by new business department

(3) Establishment of AI business
・ Establishment and early monetization of AI business “AISI∀”
・ Further development of new AI service

(4) Improvement of employee skills
・ Development of leading and challenging engineers
・ Improvement of environment for employee development

(5) A leading Japanese “streamlined company”
・ Improvement of productivity by RPA utilization and work systematization
・ Construction of system for "streamlined company" and "ideal company for employees"

Profit plan

【Unit: Million yen】

The above plan values were created based on the information available as of the publication date of this document, and actual performance may differ from plan values due to various factors in the future.