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Updated 2021/4/16

Outline of the medium-term business plan "SDGs Mind 2021"

Our mission is to "continue creating software that gives people time" under the policy of making people happy by the power of software. This philosophy is in line with the spirit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals "SDGs".We have formulated the new medium-term business plan "SDGs Mind 2021" with a strong awareness that we will contribute to society and the world by continuing to provide value to the world.In "SDGs Mind 2021", we will work on the following five priority measures.

[Framework of Medium-term business plan]

(1) Expansion of existing businesses and improvement of brand power
・ Actively plan and develop flanked products and related products that meet customer needs
・ Strengthen marketing, improve name recognition and brand power, and penetrate the market

(2) Overseas expansion
・ Establish offshore development base in Vietnam
・ Employ excellent foreign engineers to strengthen development capabilities
・ Challenge overseas expansion by Introduce our products and services to the Asian market

(3)Monetization of new business
・ Monetization of image recognition AI "AISI∀" business
・ Planning and development of new cloud services that anticipate the needs of the times

(4) Improving employee skills
・ Organizational maintenance to support the skill improvement of employees

(5) Asia's TOP efficient company
・ Active investment in the system to increase efficiency
・ In the long run, become the top “company you want to work in” in Asia

Profit plan

【Unit: Million yen】

中期経営計画「SDGs Mind 2021」

The above plan values were created based on the information available as of the publication date of this document, and actual performance may differ from plan values due to various factors in the future.