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End of Aug 2021

General Stock Information

 Listed market  First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
 Securities code  3826
 Number of Unit share  100 shares
 Authorized shares  31,232,000 shares
 Number of issued shares  11,078,400 shares
 Number of shareholders  6,356 people
 Financial period  End of February
 Annual General Meeting  Late May
 Shareholder List administrator  Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.
 Contact address  Stock Transfer Agency Department
 Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation 1-1 Nikko-cho, Fuchu, Tokyo
 TEL:0120-232-711(day 9:00~17:00)※call free
  Mail to: 〒 137-8081 New Tokyo Post Office PO Box No. 29
Stock Transfer Agency Department
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
 Public notice  Electronic public notice
 Shareholder Benefit program  Special cultivated rice “Koshihikari” made in Niigata
 Shareholder benefits page

Major shareholders (top 10)

 Shareholder name  Number of Shares Held  Percentage of Shares Held (%)
 Mitsuru Usui  2,159,200 shares  19.49%
 Hiroyuki Umeda  1,589,800 shares  14.35%
 Kazue Umeda  1,084,000 shares  9.78%
 System Integrator Employee Shareholding Association  378,300 shares  3.41%
 The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd.(trust accout)  307,600 shares  2.77%
 Satoshi Hikiyashiki  240,000 shares  2.16%
 Masahiko Shimizu  201,300 shares  1.81%
 Yasuhiro Koshika  184,000 shares  1.66%
 Tatsuya Suzuki  122,200 shares  1.1%
 Quintet Private Bank (EUROPE) S.A.  109,900 shares  0.99%

Treasury stock


Stock distribution status (by owner, by number of shares)

(1)Distribution by Shareholder classification

 Item  Number of shareholders
 Government・Local  1
 Financial institution  16
 Financial product trader 27
 Other corporation 37
 Foreign corporation etc.  35
 Individual, others  6,239
 Treasury stock  1
 Total  6,356

(2)Distribution by number of shares

 Item  Number of shareholders
 Less than 100 shares  795
 100 or more shares  4,758
 1,000 shares or more  735
 10,000 shares or more  57
 Over 100,000 shares  8
 500,000 shares or more  3
 Total  6,356